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Dear tweeps,

We have been twittering with each other for some time now and the more we immerse ourselves in this new 'segmentary machine', the more it throws up all sorts of ideas, possibilities and problems.

Given the globalizing nature of Twitter and our curiosity about each other's lives, the idea of a dinner party emerged some months ago, a plan to get together in our different locations with our different lifestyles to eat and tweet.

This has lead to the production of a Molecular Twitter Party to share our ideas and lives with each other whilst also thinking about what we are doing through Twitter as a segmentary machine. Essentially, how does Twitter engage us? And how do the various tools of Twitter, such as tweet, retweet, avatar pictures, and hashtags, function to produce a segmentary machine?

Ideas lead to other ideas, and this led to a proposal to the ConnectDeleuze Conference to bring together a Molecular Twitter Party with a set of conversations in a more formal academic setting. Our proposal was accepted meaning that the Molecular Twitter Party will link in with an hour-and-a-half session LIVE at the ConnectDeleuze Transdisciplinary Perspectives Conference in Cologne 10-12 August 2009.

So, we want to invite you to come and join in a Molecular Twitter Party, to tweet with us as we engage both conceptually and affectively with the question Twitter poses to us all: "what are you doing?"

The Molecular Twitter Party will start on Monday 10 August at 13.00 Central European Summer Time (check your local time here) and go on for 24 hours, culminating in the session at the ConnectDeleuze conference on Tuesday 11 August at 11.30 (check your local time here) and end at 13.00 CEST.

We hope to tweet you there,



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yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes (the love artist)

August 3, 2009 at 9:27 AM

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