..........................Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thanks to the Participants!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks for all the thoughts, tweets, and retweets. You made the Molec ular Twitter Party what it was and we appreciate you showing up, even if for one tweet.

Below are all who took in the event.

Thanks again to (even if you were late):

@crinafly @iamapinkspider @Naxos @DeleuzeGuattari @IlllllllllllllI @thehapacalypse @evilitlsquirrel @blebnet @Cosecha @antupillan @AdelineLuna @broderickchow @rBecky @dasilvaorg @pareidoliac @multiplicit @juhasaarinen @aljones15 @ixmesh @trishaclarkin @ariadna502 @jonjonjonjonjon @Matthew_T_Grant @Eventmechanics @fuzzycontext @MetaJonas @macinearla @wizardofgore @theloveartist @craquelure @waterbears @jaymjordan @lotu5 @jimrhiz @candy_security @melissa_djohnst @redjives @llull @sdv_duras @moritherapy @mousewords @anodyne2art @susandelaney @theartofkEith @oneinchbuddha @BobEaglestone @TeenyR @philkirby @enkiv2 @quinndupont @denidzo @davidbmetcalfe @notthisbody @BrazilTour @troyrhoades @DGconcordance @industwetrust @Sergio_AuCREm @Stanley_1KLVRx @gravity7 @fiandshoegaze @Death_is_Coming @Anadyome @andrewmurphie @TRUE @temirov @RevzNexus @JeffreyJDavis


Anonymous therrorie said...

Oh my, I must have been a bad boy... :(

August 11, 2009 at 12:13 PM

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