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@MTwtrP “A thought grappling with exterior forces instead of being gathered up in an interior form, operating by relays instead of forming...

@MTwtrP ...an image, an event-thought, a haecceity, instead of a subject-thought" ATP 378 D&G #MTP

@MTwtrP #MTP “A thought grappling with exterior forces instead of being gathered up in an interior form, operating by relays..."

@MTwtrP #MTP "...instead of forming an image, an event-thought, a haecceity, instead of a subject-thought..."

@MTwtrP #MTP "...a problem-thought instead of an essence-thought or theorem..."

@MTwtrP #MTP "...a thought that appeals to people instead of taking itself for government ministry.” ATP 378

@MTwtrP To what extent can we see Twitter as such an event-thought? #MTP

@troyrhoades Twitter is not so much an event-tought, but rather an assemblage of them. #MTP

@iamapinkspider the macropsychics of twitter and the large aggregates are created by the organised masses of twits microphysics of twtr #MTP

@MTwtrP RT @iamapinkspider: t/ macropsychics of twitter & t/ large aggregates are created by t/ organised masses of twits microphysics of twtr #MTP

@iamapinkspider in that way the event is always returning in twitter ,even if a topic returns, its always a collection of different micro connections #MTP

@troyrhoades Darqnez – Darqnez - Molecular Disfuntion More molecular music #MTP ♫ http://blip.fm/~bghxu

@iamapinkspider the events in twitter due to its constant molecular undercurrents are never finalised always but in the constant process of production #MTP

@Naxos RT @pareidoliac is activism on Twitter predicated on the nature of Twitter itself? Or more to do with users? #MTP

@iamapinkspider the naming of the event or topic is twitter would be a sign which would always be constantly changing #MTP

@sdv_duras RT @Naxos @MTwtrP @pareidoliac - more to do with users #MTP

@wizardofgore Twitter addresses us problems, instead of theorems, exactly like Pasolini: it drives thought to "follow" its own necessity. #MTP

@sdv_duras twitter is a medium, an assemblage (human-computer-network-messageconstraint) perhaps #MTP

@MtwtrP @sdv_duras @Naxos @pareidoliac but the facts of Twitter: brevity, anonymity, connectivity: do surely influence the mode of expression? #mtp

@MtwtrP @sdv_duras @Naxos @pareidoliac and not only the mode of expression but the relations that expression has #MTP

@therrorie RT @Naxos but either is NOT sufficient reason in itself? Does Twitter in its nature INSPIRE a certain mode of thought? <-YES #MTP @evilitlsquirrel The very act of being on Twitter, which some people so actively denounce, seems to act as an impetus to a particular way of expression #mtp

@Naxos @MTwtrP of course, we think that a molecular one yes

@evilitlsquirrel but of course it selects a particular kind of speaker... #mtp

@broderickchow Anyone discussed connection <-> machinic twitter and Deleuze's work on cinema? Non-human eye etc is this not voice independent of body? #mtp

@broderickchow this is an extremely interesting point. Indeed there is a case to say that technology of Twtr works like that of cinema. #mtp

@MtwtrP @broderickchow ...by cutting us off from our motor-sensory schema, allowing us to be a Beckettian disembodied, stuttering voice!

@therrorie @sdv_duras What is a medium? Doesn't the user become a 'medium' her/himself when using twitter? #MTP

@troyrhoades @sdv_duras Twitter is more than a human-computer-network-messageconstraint assemblage.There are always lines of flight that escape this.#MTP

@iamapinkspider @MtwtrP - good question, it all depends on how much value is given to a specific molecular singularity

@therrorie #MTP #activism Identies are in constant actualisation and on the move - twitter is a very productice catalyst to support that

@iamapinkspider as each twit itself only has a possibility of becoming radicle and is not radicle in itself until it is burdened with that value #MTP

@therrorie @MTwtrP e.g. form and feeling public in realtime but theres definitely more to it #MTP

@MtwtrP @therrorie WHAT is it about Twitter that does this? The anonymity? Brevity? Connectivity? The very fleeting nature of the tweets? #mtp

@evilitlsquirrel @therrorie yes I am interested in how one's Twitter identity - so obviously ASSUMED - influences one's twitteractivity #mtp

@evilitlsquirrel @therrorie because twitter allows us to be whatever we want we can become-activist a lot easier. It makes id supple. #mtp

@Naxos RT @pareidoliac RT @MTwtrP: RT @therrorie: #deleuze international proudly supports Molecular Twitter Party #MTP http://bit.ly/18n0wq

@troyrhoades @MTwtrP but those banal trending topics have some temporary weight on how people Tweet. Tending topics do have a force. #mtp

@therrorie RT @evilitlsquirrel twitter allows us to be whatever we want we can become-activist a lot easier. It makes id supple. #mtp

@iamapinkspider so there is a possibility of individual's twits leading to a collection of popular activism but ... #MTP

@therrorie @evilitlsquirrel Yes and 'hacking' into assemblages which causes sudden and tacit change of identit-ies in any way whatsoever #mtp

@iamapinkspider this would only be a reflection of the constant schizorevolutionary undercurrents in twitting itself #MTP

@broderickchow @MTwtrP as in Billy Budd's stutter, Bartleby's repetition (Critique et Clinique)!

@Naxos @MTwtrP #MTP to my mind what we need to discuss here is if Twitter is the "new" segmentary machine

@Naxos @MTwtrP #MTP and if such machine lead us to activism , molecular activism

@MtwtrP @Naxos (@broderickchow) Twtr "new" segmentary machine in same way as Cinema was - a new technology that removes some constraints #mtp

@iamapinkspider so in that way, even if one particular notion lead to popular activism there would always be a plural multiplicity of ... #MTP

@iamapinkspider other molecular singularities #MTP

@troyrhoades @Naxos What would you consider some of the "old" segmentary machines? #MTP

@wizardofgore @MTwtrP They way by which thought follows thought, its automaticity, describes perhaps the very problematics of the Twittering Machine. #MTP

@troyrhoades @therrorie Twitter doesn't let allow us to be whatever as there are still constraints on how the twittering machine moves #mtp

@aljones15 @iamapinkspider can you expand on the schizo-revolutionary tendencies of twitter? how does it gaurantee a multuplicity? #MTP

@therrorie #MTP 'The segmentary machine mixes rivalries, conflicts, and ruptures throughout the variations of filiation and fluctuations of alliance'..

@troyrhoades @therrorie Some of the twittering machine's rigidity does allow for supple movements like a becoming-activism and becoming identity. #mtp

@evilitlsquirrel @therrorie I like the way a Twitter-ID can be multiple people, and each person can be multiple-Twitterers. #mtp

@MtwtrP @therrorie We are multiple people but are still identified under one becoming-identity #mtp

@troyrhoades @therrorie but also restricts one from every potential becoming there is. #mtp

@iamapinkspider @Naxos - twitter's lines are constanly always picked away like twits are miners digging, creating holes and openings #MTP

@therrorie @MTwtrP @Naxos #MTP Anti-Oedipus - Given the ubiquitous access and formation, I'd say Twitter is pretty close

@evilitlsquirrel @troyrhoades is it not a case of enabling constraints again - every such e.c. is BOTH enabling and constraing #mtp

@evilitlsquirrel @troyrhoades so there we have the molecular-molar entanglement again #mtp

@therrorie @troyrhoades Yes, you are right of course, but that could also mean that the segmentary machine is then a mere ideal? #MTP

@Naxos @MTwtrP In ATP8 Deleuze & Guattari use the telegraph as an example of a segmenatry machine to d e f i n e whats a molecular line #MTP

@MTwtrp @Naxos are there no other examples today - it seems restrictive to focus merely on Twitter. #mtp

@MTwtrp @Naxos telegraph was a groundbreaking technology, twtr is only a small application of the technology of the internet #mtp

@troyrhoades @Naxos I don't think that there are "new" & old segmentary machines just different configurations that emerge into unique assemblages #MTP

@Naxos @MTwtrP a segmentary machine shall be then molecular, i you want to put it that way. to my mind twitter is the new segmentary machine

@iamapinkspider @aljones15 - simply by repetition of a twit, each twit is different, no 2 twits are the same, leads to a becoming of twit itself #MTP

@troyrhoades @therrorie The segmentary machine is not merely an idea, it is an actualizing becoming. #mtp

@Naxos #MTP To paraphrase Deleuze & Guattari: > “Instead of a rigid line composed of well-determined segments, [Twitter] now forms a supple flow→

@Naxos →marked by quanta that are like so many little segmentations-in-progress.” ATP§8 >> #molecularparty # activism join @MTwtrP! #MTP


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