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Conference Proposal

“Panel” Proposal for ConnectDeleuze Transdisciplinary Conference:
A Molecular Twitter Party

Since 2006, Twitter has emerged as a techno-social assemlage presenting opportunities to molecularize expression as well as risks of molarizing tendencies. Twitter is a micro-blogging service that enables users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters known as tweets. Tweeting produces personal activity streams on an individual profile page that may be delivered to others (followers), all in response to the question "What are you doing?"

To further activate this question we invite the Deleuze Studies conference to participate with us in the Molecular Twitter Party (MTP). MTP is a globally distributed community event celebrating the digital encounter between Deleuzo-Guattarian concepts and the twittering machine. To paraphrase Deleuze and Guattari: “Instead of a rigid line composed of well-determined segments, Twitter now forms a supple flow marked by quanta that are like so many little segmentations-in-progress.” MTP explores the possibilities and limits of Twitter as a new segmentary machine: a device that segments our daily, ordinary lives, de/re/codifying lines of molecular or supple segmentations through the mediation of a micro-blogging publishing system.

Twittering crystallizes the virtual coordinates of two different molecularizing movements: 1) a deterritorializing movement, that not only molecularizes self-constructions and molar identities but also enables the organization of daily activities and the augmentation of lifestyles in pragmatic responses to Twitter's question. 2) a reterritorializing movement, that not only responds to the creation of existential and immersive territories but also to the connections, conversations and affective exchanges between a multitude of users and their twittering segmentary machines. We consider that these movements afford an emergent 'molecular activism' which is our central interest in proposing MTP.

To enable this event, along side the Twitter web-based platform, we will be utilizing a 'Twibe' as an organizing node or molecular interface through which interested Twitterers may connect and participate. As an international community event exploring dynamics of emergence in molecular activism, the party is, both, open to expressive flows in Twitter as a virtual public and to those deriving from the Deleuze Studies Conference. We invite you to come and tweet with us.


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